Happy summer! The <a target="_blank" href="http://www.equinox-and-solstice.com/html/summer_solstice.html">solstice is here</a>. According to some sources, solstice dreams come true. Have any good dreams?

I have never heard that! Is that tonights dreams or last nights? Cause if it's tonights, I am gonna try really hard for a hot and sexy one!

I vote for tonight, because last night I had WEIRD dreams. I'll join you in hoping for a hot one! :lol:

I'm hoping it's tonight's dreams. Mine have been funky and strange lately. :eek:

Mine, too, Jordan! I'm holding out for good dreams tonight. :wink:

Cool! I've never heard that. I'm going to dream some nice dreams tonight :wink:

Dreams of what you ask? Well, you can ask, but I don't kiss and tell. LOL

Have a good one,


Hope your dreams were good ones, Jan!

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