Yesterday, the toddler got all upset trying to explain something to me. She wanted to be a tiger. OK, be a tiger. You can pounce and growl! Nooooooo. Tearful toddler wails as she attempts to explain that tigers have big, fluffy tails. How can she be a tiger without a tail?

Aha. My big terry robe has a matching tie. I remove the tie from the robe, tie it around the toddler's waist in back, and voila, one long, fluffy tiger tail. Toddler is delighted and spends the rest of the day being a tiger.

If only it was always that easy to entertain with a tale...

She sounds so cute, Charli :grin:
You're a very imaginative mamma in finding her that tail. It was a good decoy for allowing you time to write too. :lol:


I wish 'I' was that easily entertained. (wg)

She's very funny playing tiger! And yep, it was good for HOURS of entertainment (and writing time). :wink:

Jordan, sometimes entertainment comes from the simplest things! Brownies come to mind...

LOL, my kids use the scarves their nana knit for them for tails and that seems to work too.

Scarves, good idea!

Now that we solved the tiger dilemma, today I discover that there's a dragon under the carseat. Dunno what we'll do about THAT...So far I've made up a song about the dragon only Alex can see, but that doesn't seem to be enough. :wink:

I carry a spray bottle for that stuff. Anti monster spray. it still works for the 4 and 2 year old.

Anti monster spray, that's hilarious! I need some. :mrgreen:

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