Happy Father's Day to the dads out there. Including mine. *waves*

Here's my opportunity to publicly praise my husband, <a target="_blank" href="http://designingdad.com/">the designing dad</a>. He's spent more hours than I can count walking a fussy baby on his shoulder, drawing pictures, reading stories, watching kid movies, hiking around wearing a child in a backpack and generally being a terrific dad. He's a pro and he's only been at it 3 years. :lol:

:) "watching kid movies" - yep, the only songs that play in my head anymore are Silly Songs by Larry. I think I have forgotten what other music there is out there :)


Well, now you remember Barry Manilow ALL too well, don't you? :lol: I solemnly promise never to sing Barry Manilow parodies on Father's Day, your birthday or Christmas ever again. Really. Swear. I can be good.

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