Knight called demon wolf, suspected of supernatural fighting edge

It's on sale today! Hurrah! <a target="_blank" href="">Wolf In Shining Armor</a> is here!

I'm so excited. I love werewolves. I love medieval romance. I loved combining the two!

Errr. I didn't figure out how to use the newsletter tool, but as soon as I do I'll send out the newsletter which I did actually write in time. 8O

The to do list keeps growing

Why is it that I did half the things on my to do list and as fast as I did 'em, more items popped up to take their place? I bet there's an alternate dimension somewhere where to do lists get done and stay done, and where two socks go into the dryer and come back out still a pair.

I have edits for WWW and my post-move stuff to do plus regular business to do plus writing. This is why we love to run off to the trails. Stuff will still be waiting to get done, but a break refreshes me enough to keep going. Anybody else got great tips for conquering the to do list that never ends without going catatonic?

Monday and a winner!

First of all, thanks to everybody who shared their reasons to be thankful. The randomly drawn winner is Dawn Murphy, and I've sent her an email so she can claim her copy of Wolf In Shining Armor.

I'm sharing a release date with Jordan Summers, and if anybody has NOT seen her <a target="_blank" href="">cover for Bacchus</a>, go drool over it now. Rrrrrowwwwrrrr.

Otherwise, I've got a technical gripe this morning. When I switched from Mac to PC hardware, I got a mouse that couldn't be set up for left-handed use. The cord isn't long enough to reach. Grrr. And then we discovered how many mice are shaped for right-hand use and can't be switched. I can't be the only left mouser on the planet, this is annoying. Maybe all the lefties are Mac users.

The Washington Waltz

I've been AWOL all day, busy with house stuff (post-move organization) and sprout care (teaching the toddler to say things like "coffee rules, dude"), and doing the Washington waltz. Which is what you do when you go for a hike in a rain forest in a downpour when puddles span the width of the trail in places. Rocks and roots hide under fallen leaves and in the puddles, so one must step carefully. You place your hiking boot in a clear spot, and one-two-three, step around the water hazard in a little dance, landing back on the main trail and solid footing. This must have made for a particularly soothing ride because the sprouts fell asleep in their backpacks.

Other people’s books

Time once again to blather about what I'm reading!

Just finished:

<a target="_blank" href="">Seize the Night by Dean Koontz</a>, 2nd in the Moonlight Bay series. So many damn plot threads left hanging, I really hope book 3 happens sometime soon. But I loved Mungojerrie's return, the resolution of Bobby and Pia's dilemma, and finding out what the Mystery Train is and where it runs...sideways. I loved the origin of the title, with each character having their own version of carpe diem. For Chris Snow, it's Seize the Night, because he can't be exposed to sunlight. But my favorite version was "seize the pastry". Sound advice. Unless pastry makes you feel wretched, in which case, more for me. :mrgreen:

<a target="_blank" href="">HeartMate, Robin Owens</a>. I had a hard time getting into this book, mainly because of the Flair. If you've seen Office Space as many times as I have, you will be immediately thrown into the wrong association. But anyway, I kept going and I have to say my favorite thing about this book and this world comes down to the cats. The hunting cats and the Familiars, they are wonderful. And I want to know if the curse gets lifted from the stone. So I must read the next book.

Next on my reading list: Dark Dreamers by Feehan/Liu.

Lots of upcoming ebooks I am dying to read, and I'm jumping up and down over the <a target="_blank" href="">2nd book in the Realm Immortal series</a> by Michelle Pillow. King of the Unblessed, book 1, was the best fantasy book I'd read in a long time so I'm really looking forward to book 2. In fact, I may explode before the release date. Seriously.

Now on sale ebooks I'm nabbing before the weekend's over: <a target="_blank" href="">Girl Most Likely To by Donna Alward</a>, <a target="_blank" href="">Red Hot Lover by Lyn Cash</a> (firefighters!), <a target="_blank" href="">Wizard's Moon by Michelle Bardsley</a>. I love that Samhain gives a discount on new releases for a week, but new ones go up Monday night, so weekends are last chance to shop and save.

Up to date

My website's updated with all the new info, covers, etc. For now, anyway! There's always something to add, it seems like. The book spot for Night Rhythm has been added to the free read page and I'll get a blurb up there. But for those who go read the excerpt for Night Music, Night Rhythm is Valentine's story.

And it's hit me that now that I've restarted my newsletter, I need to write one. Like, now. Because Wolf In Shining Armor is out Tuesday. Yeah, might want to get right on that.

In other news, I found <a target="_blank" href="">Dark Dreamers</a> yesterday and brought it home with me. Have I mentioned how much I love Dirk & Steele? I'm so torn between the good angel and the bad. Write blurb for Night Rhythm and write newsletter to send out next week, or read the new Dirk & Steele story? The really bad angel is whispering, "read the story, it's market research..."

Wild Wild West en route from NY

My St. Martin's editor called me yesterday to tell me that edits for WWW were on the way...and that she loved it! Whew. Wheeeewwwww. She's the first person to read the whole ms. so it's a huge relief to hear that she loved it, and that the ending did what I wanted it to. Yay!

I have plenty to do until the edits arrive. I have my PBW challenge story to finish, the companion to Night Music (Night Rhythm), and adverbs to slay and my Torrid Tarot story to finalize and plenty more. I'm feeling impatient to get to Capture Me (SMP #2), especially with edits for Wild Wild West underway. I think it will be a wonderful follow-up to WWW.

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