Hello, world. I have not blogged for nearly 3 weeks to the day. At which point I checked into the hospital and got prepped for surgery and soon heard the doctor going on about my baby's giant head, and then I had an armful of wonderful I couldn't properly hug as I was numb due to said surgical proceedings. But it was a miraculous moment anyway.

After that, I took lotsandlotsandlots of drugs, because if I've learned anything in my colorful experience of complications followed by preterm and prolonged labor only to end in c-sections (three times; dear God I do not learn) it's that Drugs Are Our Friends and any drugs you are offered post-surgery (by qualified medical professionals) should be enthusiastically embraced. Because pain is stress and stress will slow down healing. This does not lead to any kind of coherence or brilliance but does encourage lots of sleeping, so after that I slept a lot.

Occasionally I was awake and taking pictures. Or reading books. Or doing other things like laundry and child care and attempting to cook and otherwise resume my responsibilities around here.

Last week, the Mammoth Book of Hot Romance released in the UK, and I woke up enough to hug my author copies but not actually read them. I need to do that, though, because the lineup of writers is awesome and short story anthologies always have an interesting mix of things I didn't even know I was missing.

And then I
derailed a working writer
by bringing up
this link
. Go ahead, click, be derailed. You're welcome.

Now I get to choose between working on business stuff, writing, or playing with baby feet until she wakes up for her next feeding. I'll be honest with you, I'm leaning towards baby feet. But I'll try to be adult and responsible and deal with accumulated business stuff.

Nothing compares to baby

Nothing compares to baby feet:-).

Congratulations, and I'm glad you're back in the blogosphere!

Thanks, El! The thing about

Thanks, El! The thing about baby feet is they very quickly become too busy to play with, so might as well enjoy 'em while you can.

Welcome back! And welcome

Welcome back!
And welcome Zoe!
This was an amazingly coherent post (links! laughs! transitions!), given the amount of sleep you must be getting.
Enjoy this special time.

Actually I've started to get

Actually I've started to get more sleep; Zoe is making the shift to being awake longer during the day and sleeping more at night, hurrah. More sleep and less narcotics = more brain cells!

YAY! You're back! Glad the

YAY! You're back! Glad the drugs did their job and you've been healing well. Love the pictures. and i say go for it. Go play with the baby feet. :)

Drugs are fabulous. Also, all

Drugs are fabulous. Also, all the walking and yoga I did during pregnancy totally paid off in aiding recovery. Which doesn't stop me from lazing about and playing with baby toes. *ggg*

Congrats to you and the whole

Congrats to you and the whole (now slightly larger) family!



Hi Charli, Popped by to see

Hi Charli,

Popped by to see how things were going. What lovely pics of baby and hubby. Congratulations!!!


Hey, Jan! Nice to see you.

Hey, Jan! Nice to see you. And thanks. : )

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