First, Wheee! Time Magazine suggests you cowboy up and read. Cowboy Lust (contains my ROPED) is included in Time Magazine's Summer Reading issue! This means that the connected story I set up in Roped kind of needs to get done now to take advantage of the exposure. Hadn't planned for that to be a priority so soon but when the unexpected happens, priorities shuffle.

Second, pay no attention to that man behind the curtains, but this site has long needed to transition to Drupal 7 and the time is now. A shiny new Drupal 7 build which includes Drupal Commerce is in the works. Drupal Commerce will allow me to sell my own titles directly, so I can do things I've wanted to do for some time here, such as offer signed copies of print books, direct downloads of my e-titles, etc. The offerings will be very limited to begin with, but I'll be adding backlist titles of mine as they come out of contract and I re-release them along with new work. Exciting times!

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