1. Walk on the Wild Side's current release is from Anne Calhoun. You can read Fighting Fair and get a taste for her writing style. Which is why I love novelettes, novellas, and short stories. I've discovered many authors this way and I love that with ebooks, you can buy singly instead of a whole anthology.

Dear Sugar
. If you're not already reading her, you should be. Thought-provoking, insightful, and she'll inspire you to write like a mother-fucker.

3. I want that coffee cup. Bad.

4. Letters to kids from Dr. Seuss, EB White, and many others on the importance of libraries. Well worth the time to read these.

5. A very thoughtful exploration of authorial character and how it impacts the reading experience from the Vacuous Minx. This sort of touches on one of my favorite books on writing, Walking on Water, and how L'Engle examines the fact that creative work is not necessarily a reflection of the creator's own limitations and faults. That great work comes from people who weren't and maybe that's the point of art. 

So there you go. Happy Monday. Read, be inspired, create something that might be bigger and better than you.

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