The long weekend was spent wonderfully unplugged, and then yesterday was spent celebrating a kid's birthday amid wrapping paper and noisemakers, so today is kind of Monday, and it's already Wednesday.

Things done while unplugged:

Deception Pass
on Whidby Island, since the last time we were there the kids were too little to really appreciate the view. And then we generally puttered about and ate at a Greek restaurant and enjoyed the spring sunshine.

Took kids to see Kung Fu Panda 2. An excellent sequel, well worth catching on the big screen.

Puttered around Poulsbo, a nifty little town which has an always-crowded bakery called Sluy's that's worth the trip all by itself. This kind of made up for having to forego Viking Fest due to advanced pregnancy. 

Visited bookstores everywhere, because summer and books go together like peanut butter and jelly.

And then it all culminated yesterday in chocolate cake and candles and singing, and since there's plenty of cake left, let the revelry continue.

Work stuff: I am incorporating changes into Red Queen's book structure and still seriously hoping the whole thing can be done before baby arrives. We'll see how that works out. I also have some file formatting issues to attend to to get Men of Action available everywhere. 

Two things that have done miracles for this book's issues:
PBW's article on antagonists
which made the giant lightbulb go off over my head, and writing another story in the series (Mad Stone from Rock & A Hard Place). The next time I'm banging my head against a book wall, I will remember to do two things: write a short in the same series with same characters to see what breaks loose, and ask the all-important question of my antagonist: what is the worst thing I can do to you? I've been in the habit of asking that of my protagonists, but forgot to apply it to his/her nemesis.

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