It's been a week, surely I have something to say, right? Behold, your weekly post. With links. You're welcome.

1. Sasha and I are featured on today's Revolving Book. Because everybody on the planet has not read Rock & A Hard Place yet and that's tragic.

2. This morning I was reading The Bloggess. The husband saw the messages on the bananas, and not only was he as entranced as I was with the idea of banana writing, he immediately said, "We should do this with the messages from
. Like, 'obey'." And I said, "This is why we're married."

3. Our summer of Harry Potter reading with kids has led to unexpected results. Namely, Morgan is dealing with becoming a middle child by wearing a Slanket and
pretending to be a Dementor
. Until she was overcome with the need to nap. Apparently evil DOES sleep.

Love the picture! What a cute

Love the picture! What a cute dementor. *grin*

She's terribly cute. And

She's terribly cute. And evil. She runs around the house doing her mad scientist cackle (mwahahahaha) when she's not being a dementor. I shudder just thinking about future parent-teacher conferences.

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