1. New blog post at Genreality about objectively analyzing our own ideas. Or at least trying. (Are writers ever really objective?)

2. Latest kitchen test: lasagna with unbaked noodles. I was a bit skeptical thinking the sauce wouldn't all cook in and noodles might crunch, but the consistency was perfect. Will go with uncooked noodles from now on, it's much easier to assemble when they're not floppy. (Recipe from Ronzoni Healthy Harvest box) Also, organic sauce, cheese and hamburger do not cost that much more but taste FAR better.

3. Latest TV discovery: Eureka. Yes, I'm way out of date. Because usually I write books instead of watching TV, but Eureka owns 45 minutes of my evenings after kids go to bed now, thanks to Netflix Instant Watch. It's smart, funny, and riveting and you all should go watch it now so they don't cancel it or something now that I'm hooked.

4. Speaking of TV, Red Dwarf returns with a new season in 2012. So the Mayan calendar had better be wrong.

5. And I'd talk about what I'm writing but I don't want to jinx it. Happy Tuesday!

Is the unbaked noodle thing a

Is the unbaked noodle thing a recent entry in the collective subconscious? Because my half-Italian husband, who has been making lasagna since he was a teenager, just decided to try it, and reached the same conclusions you did. Also, our kids gave him a Think Geek all-edges lasagna pan, which he loves. It's great for making enchiladas, too, because he can easily separate the good ones (with olives, onion, etc.) from the plain ones for DS.

Happy writing!

I've been eyeing that

I've been eyeing that all-edges pan from Think Geek, ha! Funny that your husband just became an uncooked noodle convert; it's just another example of something you learn to do one way early on, it becomes habit, and you don't stop to question it. Since I'm trying to really branch out in the kitchen, trying uncooked noodles was part of that.

Okay, this have nothing to do

Okay, this have nothing to do with your post but, um, I hope you don't mind...I picked up Wicked Hot yesterday and finished it in one sitting. I absolutely and utterly adore it. Eli made me melt like a chocolate bar inside an oven and I didn't mind being turned into a gooey mess! Unavoidably, I now find myself looking for traces of him in other books. To no avail of course. I was wondering if you could recommend me a new read? Either your books or books from other authors. That is, if you're not busy. 

Thank you!

Glad you enjoyed Wicked Hot!

Glad you enjoyed Wicked Hot! You might also like Animal Attraction, Claimed by the Wolf; you can scroll through all my books through the book cover carousel at the top of the site. Clicking on the cover takes you to the book's page.

Other authors you might like; Maya Banks, Anya Bast, Lauren Dane to name a few!

Thank you for the suggestion!

Thank you for the suggestion! I'll definitely check them out, starting with Animal Attraction since it sounded fascinating.

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