Not much blogging lately due to the sudden attack of plague in the Teglia household, i.e. 2 kids got ear infections, the other one plus a parent got strep throat, and as the non-medicated family member I've been running around taking temperatures and administering juice and antibiotics. So in lieu of a real blog, 5 Thursday Things:

1. Lynn Viehl aka PBW aka many other pen names is doing a huge giveaway including a chance for an ARC of Nightborn! Go forth and enter.

2. Alison Kent's upcoming cowboy series has the first book available for pre-order now. It is Undeniably pre-orderable, nab yours!

3. Kris Reisz has launched Books Love You. Check it out for recs and write your own book love story. 

4. Considering an information diet for Lent?
has some tips.

5. And finally, look, a cute cat picture. Who doesn't need a
tube of cat

And now I must give the husband juice and antibiotics.

Thank you for the mention,

Thank you for the mention, lady, much appreciated, and sorry to hear the loved ones collectively aren't feeling well. Maybe try some herbal tea for the sore throat? (honey & chamomile is my favorite comfort tea.)

We have a big box of Throat

We have a big box of Throat Coat, but what I really need is a syringe full of patience and stamina! And for everybody to get back to healthy and stay there.

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