5 things to do on the internet to expand your real world horizons:

1. Say it in llama.

2. Play guitar with the Les Paul Google Doodle. You can learn to play and record your songs.

3. Learn about the
power of vulnerability
with Brene Brown on TED

4. Find and then visit your local farmers' market

5. Look for new ways to cook your farmers' market haul and try one

OMG I cant wait for Kiss of

OMG I cant wait for Kiss of the Demon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would it be okay with you if

Would it be okay with you if I linked to this page from my website? Just asking since some people don't allow linking to their sites if you don't take their permission.

Engineers who would like to have careers in management positions should seriously think about getting the PMP certification so that they can learn how to manage projects effectively. Getting the certification is a matter of passing the PMP exam which can be done with a bit of online PMP certification training.

Anybody's free to link to me,

Anybody's free to link to me, but posting a link in comments here to an external site is likely to get deleted since I can't check everything for viruses, etc.

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