Hope everybody had a safe and fun 4th of July. I'm off to meet a different kind of deadline where the deliverable is a baby instead of a book. While I'm double-checking the contents of the hospital bag, I leave you with this 5 Gold Crown review for Men of Action plus a Sizzling review of Rock and a Hard Place! Looking forward to delivering more books after bringing this project to a successful conclusion.

Today is the day! Come on,

Today is the day! Come on, baby--git your little butt out here with the rest of us. Yay! BABY!

Yay, no more

Yay, no more contractions/heartburn/endless dr. appts! Oh, wait, the dr. appts. continue. Well, anyway, yay!

Yay! It's about time!

Yay! It's about time!

Late to the party, been at

Late to the party, been at work all day...
I see you've brought forth a new little novelist! :)
Congratulations, hon!!

Yey, Zoe's finally entering

Yey, Zoe's finally entering the world! Please share some pics when you get a chance!

Thanks, all, and it was

Thanks, all, and it was beyond time! I didn't take a single pic in the hospital, although husband did. I am going to hobble around with the camera today and get some uploaded to flickr. Now that I'm back home with the required cords and cables to charge/upload. : )

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